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There is no denying that the employees of a company are its backbone. They are its strength and its biggest assets. It is only due to the efforts and the hard work of the employees that a company performs well. Keeping them motivated and in high spirits is, therefore, imperative for the continued progress of a company. Thus, companies plan out a budget to reward their employees with special gifts on festive occasions such as Diwali to express their gratitude and appreciation. A lot of care must be taken while selecting a gift for such purposes. Not only should it be useful, the gift should be meaningful too. Here are some gifts that you can consider gifting to your employees.

Crockery and Utensils – These are one of the most commonly gifted Diwali corporate gifts. The reason is obvious too. After all crockery like dinner sets, tea sets, glass sets or bowl sets are some of the things that are used and needed in every household. Same is the case with utensils too, whether it is stainless steel cooking set, nonstick cookware or induction friendly utensils, all quite popularly gifts to the employees by many companies.

Bedding Products– Things such as bed sheets, bed covers, comforters, duvets and the likes are yet another very frequently gifted Diwali corporate gift as, needless to say, these items definitely make a very useful gift.

Appliances and Electronic Gadgets -Many corporate firms prefer gifting these products to their employees due to their convenience of use, however, the main decider for these gifts is the available pricing. Hence, depending on their budget, various companies choose to gift home appliances such as steam irons, electric kettles, coffee makers, juicers, grillers and toasters, rice cookers, etc., or electronic gadgets like PDA’s, MP3 Players, iPods, mobile phones, handy-cams, digital cameras, DVD Players and so on, to their employees on Diwali.

Food Hampers – These are still another favorite. Everyone loves to indulge in goodies and sweet treats, especially during the festive season. Hence, food hampers make an excellent gift for the staff members. You can choose from a wide variety of traditional Indian sweets and savory mixtures, dry fruits, chocolates, cookies, tarts and the likes.

Decorative Products – These have been doing the rounds for years as well. Some of the most popular gifts in this category are artistic wall hangings/ paintings, designer wall clocks, attractive show pieces, trendy table top items, flower vases, religious idols/ sculptures/ statues, elegant lamps etc.

Bonuses and Prepaid Bank Gift Cards – A company owes its profits to its employees and thus many corporate give cash rewards to its employees during the festive season. Diwali is a perfect occasion to give bonuses to employees as it is a time of celebrations and enjoyments and surplus money at this time definitely comes in handy. Some companies also distribute prepaid bank gift cards of a specific value as Diwali gifts. Just like cash, these can be used by the employees in whatever way they wish as well.

Shopping Vouchers, Dinner Passes and Discount Cards – To break the monotony of the typical Diwali corporate gifts, many organizations have shifted their focus to a new trend in Diwali gifting. Instead of going through the trouble of selecting a useful and meaningful gift catering to the taste of a large number of people, many companies prefer to give shopping vouchers and discount cards of the famous retail outlets and stores to their staff as Diwali gifts. Also common are dinner passes for a number of famous restaurants across the city. Such trends are being welcomed, for the sheer freedom of choice, by the employees too.

Home Fragrance Products – If you want to stand out from the crowd and gift your employees something that is truly unique and exclusive, gift them some scented items. Home fragrance products are one of the most loved and ‘in demand’ products in today’s date as they help to create a soothing, mesmerizing and invigorating environment. They have the ability to completely transform the aura of a place and make it calm and heavenly.

Giving a gift on Diwali is a tradition that dates back to many centuries. It is kept alive today as well for the simple reason that it helps to spread happiness, express thankfulness and intensify oneness. These are some factors that play a crucial role in the relationship between the employers and the employees. So, while selecting a Diwali gift for your employees this year, ditch the typical stuff and instead go for something unusual and special, your employees will truly cherish it.