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Christmas gift ideas for her

Holiday season will soon be here and getting the right presents for your loved woman might be challenging, so you need to be prepared beforehand. You might think that it’s not even the end of autumn and you have plenty of time until Christmas to go over your gift shopping list, but the truth is there are probably thousands of …

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5 simple steps to make your clothes last longer

Today, it looks like everyone is obsessed with fashion and having plenty of clothes in their wardrobe, most of which they will end up not even wearing. Sadly, we live in the world of fast fashion, with mass-market brands having up to 12 collections a year, and this can’t do anything but affect our planet in a negative way. If …

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Wood Framed Pendant Tutorial Uses Resin with Dichro-ISH Film

This short video shows how the translucent film captured inside the wood frames changes hue depending on whether the pendant is on a dark or light background.

She goes over how she made the pendant in her tutorial here including how to attach the dichro-ISH film to the back.  She has a good tip on letting the resin get a
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A Couple of Birthday Dresses!

I almost always make a new dress to wear on my birthday each year. For 2022, I was seeing a musical production of Twelve Angry Men, and I wanted to have a “special” day dress and something for the show. 

I went to a recent make, M7834 for the day dress. When I finished the paisley version, I knew I’d

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Weekly Horoscope September 19-25, 2022: It’s Libra Season

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As you say goodbye to the heat of summer, your horoscope for the week of September 19 to 25 will remind you of all the good things that lie ahead. After all, change always comes with its own challenges, but also blessings that keep the magic alive! Dive into the beauty of autumn, because summer

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Unusual Peyote Beaded Star Ornaments and Bracelet Tutorials

German designer, Kris Empting-Obenland, calls her store KrisDesignFSP – the FSP at the end stands for “For Special People”.  That’s because she offers unusual designs which are sure to intrigue beaders who seek such ones.

She only has 4 peyote design tutorials so far. 3 are stars including a Star of David. All three are based on beaded strips. The