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Many of us have closets full of used clothing that we never wear anymore. With the expansion of the internet, there are many new options for you to dispose of those unwanted used clothes. Here is a list of options for disposing your used clothing items:

Option 1: Used Clothing Stores

Start by using your search engine and the local yellow pages to locate used clothing retailers, starting with ‘Used Clothing’ stores that exist near your home. When you contact them, find out about what types of clothing that they accept. They may take shoes, shirts, pants, women’s clothes, men’s clothes or children’s clothes. Inquire about how their sales structure works and whether they buy your items or place them on consignment (paying you a percentage when your items sell). Also ask what kind of condition they accept the clothing in. You can also consider stores around the world if they offer a high enough commission percentage to cover the shipping costs.

Option 2: Online Consignment Stores

This is a recent innovation with the expansion of the online sales marketplace. Many companies are offering the opportunity for you to upload pictures of your used clothing items onto their site for sale. You can sell items in this fashion from anywhere in the world, as the seller provides the shipping services to the customer. Most of these sites require the seller to pay a commission to the site for their provided infrastructure and to cover their marketing services. Start with SellUsedClothing or your search engine for available online consignment options.

Option 3: Online Auction Sites

Online auction sites such as eBay offer the opportunity for you to offer used clothing for sale to online bidders. You can sell any clothing item such as pants, shirts, hats, shoes, suits, ties and more. You can determine the minimum bid that you will accept and then wait to ship your item to the highest bidder. You will do well on this site if you offer Designer clothes, hard to find clothing items, or clothes that are in great condition.

Option 4: Sell Clothing to Your Friends

You can offer your clothes for sale to your friends who are the same size as you. If your clothes are in good condition, this may be a great option for you to consider.

Option 5: Have a Clothing Swap Party

Schedule a party where friends bring used clothes that they are looking to get rid of. Each person will be able to swap one item of clothing for one of similar value with another guest. Each guest will leave with a selection of used clothing items and accessories that will replace the items that they no longer wanted in their closet.

Option 6: Sell it at a Flea Market

Consider leasing a space in a local flea market for a weekend if you have a large amount of used clothing items to dispose of. You will often find that you will have the ability to lease a space for a reasonable price and will have a high volume of foot traffic to sell your items.

Option 7: Hold a Garage Sale

Schedule and advertise a garage sale at your home or contribute your used clothing items to a group garage sale to sell your items. For the items that do not sell, consider donating them to a local charity.

Option 8: Donate them to Charity

If you would rather donate your used clothing items to charity instead of selling them, search and choose a charity that would accept the items and that you feel comfortable supporting.

With all of these options available, you are sure to find a way to get rid of those used clothing and accessories items that you no longer want in your closet.