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We all know Diwali is one of the most passionately celebrated festivals all over India. In fact, it is one of the few festivals that have a universal appeal as many people from other faiths celebrate Diwali as well. Also, it is not only celebrated in India but by Indians living all over the world. The preparations for Diwali begin much in advance as there are a number of things which need to be done for a perfect festive celebration. Whether it is cleaning your home, decorating it with lights, preparing a variety of dishes or selecting gifts for your family and friends, all require a lot of time and planning.

While things like bedecking your home or preparing tasty treats are fairly simple, choosing gifts for your relatives and friends is a little tricky as many things have to be kept in mind to purchase a perfect gift. Exchanging gifts has always been a big part of Diwali celebrations, however, with the changing times and trends the whole concept of gifting has changed. Where in olden times people generally used to gift things like gold ornaments or coins, silver ware, crockery, dry fruits, sweets etc., now a days, along with these things there are a huge variety of other gifts such as home decor products, gadgets and appliances, flowers, cakes and chocolates, home fragrance products like reed diffusers, oil burners and scented candles, crystal ware etc., flooding the markets as well. It is great to have a large variety to choose from but this also adds to the confusion and leads to poor decision making ability. However, if you plan a little in advance you will definitely be able to select the perfect gifts for your near and dear ones.

Make a list of people – This will give you a clear picture as to how many gifts you have to purchase and for whom all. Bifurcate those according to the closeness you share with them, for instance family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and so on. Also depending on factors such as their age, gender, likes, dislikes etc., write a few tentative gift ideas next to their names.

Decide your budget – Once you have figured out the number of people for whom you have to purchase gifts, work out your budget. If you are able to shell out enough money for everyone, great, however, if you seem to be falling short, you could always trim down your gifts a bit so as to squeeze them within your budget. Don’t unnecessarily strain your pocket as wonderful gifts in every range are easily available in the market these days.

Do market surveys – Before you actually buy the gifts, spend a day or two to acquaint yourself with all that the markets have to offer and find out which are the most hot-selling gifts of the season. Do your own personal recce to figure out which shops are offering the gifts you would like to purchase, the best prices and the most favorable deals.

Make the final list – Now that you have familiarized yourself with the market situation, as in which gifts is available for how much and where, prepare a final list stating the names of all the people, their gifts and subsequent prices. If this does not fit within your budget, consider changing a few gifts. Remember the size and quantity does not matter but the quality does. It is always better to give a small or singular thing of good quality rather than big or numerous things of poor quality.

Work on the ultimate presentation – Even the best gift can be received with little or no enthusiasm if it is not attractively packed. Never forget that first impression is the last impression. Whatever your gift is, get it neatly wrapped in an appealing wrapping sheet so as to make it eye-catching. Also absolutely never forget to remove the price tag from your gift, there is nothing more offending than a gift with a price tag.

I am sure by now you would have a fairly clear idea as to how to go about your Diwali gift shopping. Just bear these simple tips in mind and you would do fine. The task of selecting a perfect gift does seem daunting and challenging at times but truly speaking it is no rocket science. Think practically, act logically plus feel deeply and you are sure to find the best gifts for all the special people in your life, after all gifts are but a depiction of our love and appreciation for them and they should be exclusive indeed.