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School Trips Close to Home in the UK

School trips are the perfect way to bring a subject to life. Putting theory into context and giving students the opportunity to study outside the confines of the classroom brings with it many benefits. Students are encouraged to test theories, question pre-conceptions and develop new ideas. Bring history to life in Rome, appreciate the true reality of war in Berlin, see the Mona Lisa in all its glory in France, or immerse your language students in the native country of their chosen language. Educational school trips add a dynamic and fun aspect to any subject, and often help to increase motivation and enthusiasm for a subject that, when confined to a theory book, is limited.

There are some excellent travel companies on the market that specialise in offering school trips to a huge range of destinations throughout the world. The aim of the trips is to provide students with an exciting and fruitful learning experience. The best companies will offer a bespoke service, so if your idea of the perfect tour is not in their portfolio, they will design one specifically for you. Universitas Swasta di Bandung Teams of professionals work hard to design itineraries that offer the ideal balance of study and fun, with plenty of opportunity to engage with local culture and enjoy the rich experiences that travel brings.

School trips are rapidly becoming an integral part of the national curriculum and are seen as a useful tool that can only enrich the experience of a subject. Travel itself is an education, and students will be encouraged to develop socially and personally as they become more involved with their subject. These trips also present the opportunity to develop teamwork and demonstrate initiative, which in turn develops confidence.

School Trips in the UK

It is not always necessary to travel to the far-flung corners of the world to get the best educational experience. The UK offers so many exciting options for educational tours.


Cornwall is one of the most beautiful counties in England and is proud of its innovative eco projects, incredible coastline and charming local fishing towns. Konseling Online From The Tate Gallery to the Eden Project, Cornwall has something to suit most subjects.


Our very own capital city is one that few students actually get the chance to explore. The rich history and wonderful heritage tell many a story and intertwine beautifully with the literary and art scene so prominent here. With many incredible buildings, some fascinating museums, theatre workshops and West End shows, London is proof that you do not have to travel far to treat your students to an exciting school excursion.


York is another of the UK’s top destinations for school groups. Steeped in history and boasting some beautiful architecture, York also offers some great interactive museum and educational experiences. Students will have a lot of fun bringing history alive in this medieval gem of a city.

No matter where you decide to go on your trip, book with a specialised school travel company and you are guaranteed an exciting, educational and memorable experience for you and the students alike.