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As you progress into Mission 2 – Killer Inside of Neon White you should make sure to keep an eye out for the Gifts that you can give your fellow Neons and Angels. At this point, you will have reached Central Heaven and had a chance to exchange your first set of Gifts with many of the game’s characters, and the need to collect these items continues into the second set of levels. For players who want to continue to improve their Social Links and head towards the True Ending, you will need to know how to get each and every Gift in the game, so let’s continue Gameranx’s guide series on doing just that by delving into Mission 2! This guide will explain how to get all the gifts in Mission 2 – Killer Inside in Neon White.

How To Get All Gifts In Mission 2 – Killer Inside In Neon White

Just like Mission 1 – Rebirth, there are a total of 10 levels that are a part of Mission 2 – Killer Inside in Neon White. Each one of these levels contains a Gift, meaning that you will find a total of 10 of these collectible items. In order to collect the Gifts for each mission, you will first need to reach Insight Level 1 for that mission. Insight is gained by achieving specific Medals with each Insight Level giving a new bonus, like Hints to improve time and the ability to see your best previous run as a ghost. Even if you get the worst medal, Bronze, you’ll reach Insight Level 1, meaning that you will just need to finish a level one time and then replay the mission to get the Gift. With that out of the way, let’s begin the guide for the second mission of Neon White.

Level 1: Take Flight

The first level for Killer Inside is known as “Take Flight” and as the name says, you will need to get some airtime in order to reach this first Gift. Progress through the level to the level that has a staircase as well as a yellow demon and a regular black demon. You will be pushed towards the ending of the mission past the regular black demon. Instead, turn around to face the building that you started the mission inside of. Use The Purify explosion ability to reach the rooftop shown in the first image shown below. to the left from the roof, you will see a tower that has the Gift sitting near the top of it. Use your two Elevate cards to jump across the gap to reach the first Gift of the mission.

Level 2: Godspeed

As the name of the level suggests, “Godspeed” introduces the rifle of the same name that has a special ability that allows you to quickly dash forward to cross distances. After the second gap that you dash across and go up a small flight of stairs, turn around and jump up onto the wall in the first image below. Walk along the wall to reach the roof shown in the center image below. Jump onto the nearby tower and then use your Godspeed dash ability to reach the Gift for the level.

Level 3: Dasher

Dash once again focuses on the Godspeed card. You will be able to see the Gift above the first blue demon that you come across. Progress to the next blue demon and hop up onto the wall next to him and face back towards the way you came. You should be able to dash across the opening with 2 Godspeed cards and then will be able to pick up the Gift.

Level 4: Thrasher

For level 4, you will come across a walkway with several blue demons and a yellow demon just before the end goal of the level. You will find the Gift underneath the walkway. You will need to use an Elevate card and at least one Godspeed card to reach this Gift.

Level 5: Outstretched

The start of Outstretched sees you going using an Elevate and Godspeed card to get through a red wooden door. You will find a chest that has a Godspeed inside as well as a yellow demon around the corner. Use the Elevate card to jump up onto a landing up above that has another blue demon standing on it. Kill the demon to get a second Godspeed and then face left of where the demon was standing to see the Gift. Dash to the tower shown in the picture and then dash to the rooftop where you will reach the Gift.

Level 6: Smackdown

Level 6 has a fairly simple Gift to get with the only thing you really need being two Elevate cards. Reach the end goal of the level and look to the side to see the left image shown below. From here, you can jump onto the archway and run around across two other archways to reach the second image provided below. Look at the top of the tower to see the Gift sitting near the top. Use your two Elevate cards to reach and collect the Gift for Level 6.

Level 7: Catwalk

Another very simple Gift, Catwalk will require you to just have a Godspeed card. You will need to go around a building that has a red wooden door by running on water. On the other side of the building, you will find one of the bouncy black orbs that you can jump on. Jump onto it to gain some air and then turn back to face the building and see the Gift near the roof inside. Use a Godspeed card to dash forward and collect the Gift for Level 7.

Level 8: Fastlane

Near the end of Level 8: Fastlane, you will need to jump across a set of glass platforms that will eventually break underneath you. Instead of progressing forward, turn back towards the way you came and you will see the Gift for the level on top of a structure that you had just surfed through. Use either a Godspeed or a well-timed Elevate card to cross the game and reach the structure and receive the Gift for this level.

Level 9: Distinguish

For Distinguish, you will need to progress through the level as normal until you reach an arched waterway that leads to a series of glass platforms. Instead of going forward toward the goal, turn back to the top of the rightmost part of the arc. On this waterway, you will have picked up a Godspeed card. Look at the tower pictured below which is to the left of the previously mentioned glass platforms. This is where you will see the Gift. From the right part of the arc, you will be able to use the Godspeed’s dash ability to reach the Gift for level 9 and collect it.

Level 10: Dancer

Off to the right of the level, you will see a structure with a large gold bell inside of it. Just beneath this bell is the 10th and final Gift of Mission 2. In order to reach it, you will need three Godspeeds and will need to jump from the location pictured below. If you time the use of the Godspeeds right, you will arrive on the bottom floor of the structure. To reach the upper layer, you will need to also have an Elevate card in order to double jump onto a staircase, which will take you all the way up to the bell and the final Gift for this mission!

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