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Neon White is a speedrunning platformer that tests your mastery of the game’s weapons and traversal, but there is another part to the game that is very important. In between missions, there is a visual novel side that sees you interacting with a collection of different characters. Each of these unique characters has their own Social Links, side stories that you can experience by improving your relationship with them. In order to advance a character’s Social Link, you will need to give them Gifts, items that can be collected throughout each level of the game. You will need to collect all 93 Gifts and complete all of the Social Links in the game in order to get Neon White‘s True Ending. So, allow us to begin Gameranx’s guide series on where to find each and every Gift in the game with the first mission! This guide will explain how to get all the gifts in Mission 1 – Rebirth in Neon White.

How To Get All Gifts In Mission 1 – Rebirth In Neon White

There are a total of 10 levels that you will play through in Neon White‘s Mission 1 – Rebirth. In order to collect the Gifts for each mission, you will first need to reach Insight Level 1 for that mission. Insight is gained by achieving specific Medals with each Insight Level giving a new bonus, like Hints to improve time and the ability to see your best previous run as a ghost. Even if you get the worst medal, Bronze, you’ll reach Insight Level 1, meaning that you will just need to finish a level one time and then replay the mission to get the Gift. With that out of the way, let’s begin the guide for the first chapter of Neon White.

Level 1: Movement

The very first level of the game, Movement, will see players getting the hang of the game’s… well, movement. This means that the level is very simple, something that is carried over to the path that you need to take to reach the first Gift in the game. The end of the mission sees players running along water flowing through a ring to reach the platform with the exit on it. Instead of going to the exit go to the left of the ring and jump along a set of pillars to find the first gift: a Six Pack for Neon Yellow.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

Level 2: Pummel

Level 2, known as Pummel is the first level to introduce the Gun Cards. These are weapons that have two separate fire modes. The primary fire mode acts as a regular gun while the secondary fire mode is a unique ability for each gun at the cost of discarding the weapon. The Purify card primarily functions as a Machine Gun with a special ability that sees the gun shooting an explosive that will stick to the first surface it touches before detonating. Players can use the explosion to gain extra air, similar to a rocket jump. The Gift of this level is found to the left of the arc shown below. To reach the landing where the Gift is sitting, use the explosion for the card’s weapon ability to jump up to the platform and get Neon Red’s Perfume.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

Level 3: Gunner

For this level, you will want to collect every card that you can, which are three of the previously mentioned Purify cards. The Gift for Gunner is found on top of a high pillar close to the end of the level, so get your cards and make your way to the end. Don’t worry about killing demons or your time, just collect your cards. Get to the end of the level and use your first Purify card’s ability to get onto the roof shown in the second image below. Use your second card to reach the pillar and then use the last card on the side of the pillar to get to the top of the structure, allowing you to collect the Tattletail Toy for Neon Violet.

Level 4: Cascade

The Gift in Cascade is on top of a pillar in the corner of the area at the beginning of the level. You will need to make your way through the level as you normally would and collect at least one Elevate Card. This is a Pistol that grants you the double jump as its secondary ability. Once you reach the point where you are meant to jump up to the wall with a Pistol Card floating next to it, go to the left instead and get to the pillar shown below. Use the Elevate ability, which is a double jump, to reach the Gift and collect it.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

Level 5: Elevate

You will see the gift for Elevate in a tower to the right of the screen upon loading into the level. To reach it, you will need to collect a few Elevate Cards. You will get one from the chest that is at the start of the level and can get another one by killing the yellow demon at the top of the first flight of stairs. Jump across the opening to the higher platform to replace the card that needs to be discarded to get here. At this point you should have two Pistol Cards, so turn around and jump up to the tower that doesn’t have the Gift in it with an Elevate. From here, use the second Elevate ability to jump from one tower to the other to collect the Gift.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

Level 6: Bounce

The Gift found in Bounce is really easy to get. You will find it directly underneath where you pick up your first Elevate Card. From where you pick up the card, you can just drop off the side and use the Elevate ability to reach the Gift.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

Level 7: Purify

Just as the name would suggest, Level 7 focuses on the Purify ability, which is also used to reach the Gift. This Gift is found on top of the structure above the end of the mission. Use two Purify abilities to make your way up onto the structure by using the first explosion from the small landing to the left of the stairs to reach the platform just to the side of the Gift and then use the second ability to reach the Gift itself.

Level 8: Climb

For Level 8, you will need to just progress through the course regularly. When you reach the end, you will need to use two Purify abilities to first make the jump shown below and then blow open the red, wooden door to reach the end of the level. Instead of shooting the door, use the explosion to reach the platform above the red door. It is on this platform that you will be able to collect the Gift for Climb.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

Level 9: Fasttrack

This Gift is found on the highest pillar atop the building that you pass through with a single demon early on in the course. Collect two Purify cards and an Elevate card and take them to the end of the level. To the right of the ending of the course, you can jump to the pillars shown in the second image below. Use the Elevate cards ability to cross the gap and then both Purify abilities to reach the higher structure. This is where you can get the Gift for this level.

Level 10: Glass Port

At the end of Glass Port, the 10th and final level of Mission 1, you will need to get onto a boat to complete the course. Instead of hopping onto the boat, take a look at the building across from it to see the Gift on the roof. You will need to have a few Pistol and Machine Gun Cards. If you have 3 Purify Cards and at least 1 Elevate Card, you can use the archway shown to the left of the image shown below to reach the roof. Use the Purify ability to get onto the archway and then jump to the lower roof between the archway and the building with the Gift. You shouldn’t need the Elevate ability to make the jump but it could be useful if you make a bad jump. From this roof. Use your two Purify cards to reach the roof of the building and then collect the last Gift of the Rebirth.

Neon White Mission 1 Gifts

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