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No matter where you turn advertisements and media are trying to get you to look your best with this scientific breakthrough or that medical procedure. With this bombardment on our senses, it is easy to see why we overlook some of the most fundamental ways to stand out with our appearance-a jewelry makeover. The sultry look of garnet jewelry in particular adds a youthful attribute to the wearer, and the luscious coloring of the stone in any setting can really stand out on anyone. The individuals who were born at the beginning of the year probably already know these trade secrets since all January birthstone jewelry includes a garnet gemstone. No matter what your favorite variety of jewelry happens to be garnet is your solution to a fashion dilemma.

Rings are a great place to start when look into alluring garnet jewelry. Garnet rings or those made specifically as January birthstone rings can outshine almost any other precious stone and garnet gemstone rings are truly beginning to soar in popular throughout the designer jewelry market as right hand fashion bands. Following the idea of a ring, garnet earrings are great for any hair color as they can stand out with the darker shades and still sparkle with lighter ones. A ring around your neck in the form of a garnet necklace is always a great way to show off your sense of style and add some shimmer to your neck and upper chest in order to create an elongating effect. As with most gemstone jewelry, diamonds should not be counted out of the game of allure completely. Garnet diamond jewelry is on the rise fashion-wise because of its wonderful way of an element of dazzle with its constant shine. A mixture of garnets and diamonds is also a fun way of declaring your love since it embraces the eternal promise of a diamond with the rich color of garnet.