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You are out shopping for that perfect new dress, perhaps for a wedding or a formal occasion, or maybe just a little pick-me-up to make you feel fresh, new, and beautiful when you put it on. A nice dress can serve that purpose perfectly, and for those of us who are plus-size, finding such a dress can be a difficult task. But never fear, because you are not alone; building a wardrobe is never a simple task. Know that every woman, plus-size or not, has experienced such issues in her life. To make your shopping experience easier, we have compiled a few handy rules of thumb that may help you find that perfect gown on the first try every time you go to the store.

A lot of women these days find it difficult to get into a plus size dress because they pick the wrong size when they buy the dress in the first place. Don’t try to cram yourself into a smaller size that just doesn’t fit. Even if you manage to get it on, it won’t look good. The important key is to be honest with yourself when the time comes to buy a dress, especially where plus size clothing is concerned.

If you hate trying clothes on before you buy them, you are not alone in this situation. Many women, large and small, have ‘dressing room syndrome’ that can occur when they can’t disrobe in a store dressing room to try on possible clothes to purchase. This syndrome has many causes and is quite a valid concern. Why would you want to get naked in a small room that isn’t in your home? These fears should not stop you from buying clothes you like. If you are sick and tired of returning ill-fitting clothes after you buy them, there is a solution. Don’t waste the time you could spend wearing a perfectly fitted plus size dress by going back and forth to the mall. Start feeling great about yourself instead.

If you can’t find a particular dress in your size, but you love the dress anyway, you might want to consider having some alterations done — to the dress, that is! Many women don’t even consider having their clothing tailored, but this can make you look gorgeous. You may wonder why the stars look amazing in all of their clothes. It’s because they are professionally fitted to each individual.

Every woman’s body has different proportions, and there can be wide variations between a fashion designer’s idea of a size 16 and an actual size 16 woman. Alterations can be incredibly useful when you’ve found a beautiful piece of clothing and just need some small changes to make it fit you perfectly. You can have alterations done inexpensively by many dry cleaners or by dressmakers, so don’t overlook this option.