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Getting a diamond ring or other piece of jewelry with diamonds in it, you know it has meaning. Most recipients don’t care what the cut is, because in the case of diamond jewelry gifts, it is the thought that counts because diamonds aren’t given casually. Diamond jewelry makes a memorable gift to mark special occasions and special feelings from anniversaries to Mother’s Day. A diamond ring is used to represent a commitment to spend a lifetime together, when given as an engagement ring. What stands out about a piece of jewelry is that there is a diamond. Even when someone doesn’t know about diamond cuts, they appreciate beautiful diamond jewelry.

Diamonds that are used in jewelry comes in different cuts. Some of the cuts include the following:

* Round cut-the most common diamond cut
* Marquise cut-the diamond should be about ½ as wide as it is long
* Princess cut-square with cut corners
* Oval cut-the desirable ratio is 2 to 1
* Radiant cut-rectangular with cut corners
* Emerald cut-prismatic like an infinity picture
* Trillion and Trillant cut-triangular with cut or sharp corners
* Baguette cut-an emerald cut with less faceting

Though many people ask about the carat size before they ask about the cut of a diamond, the cut is very important when choosing a diamond. Even among each type of diamond cut there are many variances. This is because the cut is dependent on the diamond cutter. There is more to a diamond cut than just its shape. The proportions and the finish will also affect the look of the diamond and the way it sparkles.

During the cut of a diamond, the diamond can be cut to maximize its weight and value or it can be cut to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. This may affect its value monetarily. A cutter can increase the diameter or depth of a diamond to create more weight, but the cut may prevent light reflection and some light may escape through the sides of a stone.

A computer evaluation of a diamond cannot compare to an evaluation by and professional and expert diamond appraiser. The reason is that there is more to see and consider with the naked eye and the experience of the jeweler. The reason is that a diamond cut is more subjective.

In a jewelry showroom, a diamond may look different than when you get it home. The reason is the lighting in a jewelry showroom is very bright so the light reflects throughout the diamond. In addition, the diamond is kept perfectly clean in a showroom. Though you can’t always control the lighting where you are at, you can keep your jewelry clean. This will affect the look of your diamond dramatically.

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