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Diamond jewelry can make people shed tears with delight as it evokes wonderful memories that one had. Diamonds are forever and are irreplaceable. Every gemstone has its own value and importance.

Now days, the demand for art jewelry has massively increased, various gemstones have also come into picture like turquoise and sapphire. Lately, turquoise is prized for its eye-catching color and is used in great variety of jewelry styles. The color of Turquoise ranges from blue to green. Sapphire is available in various colors like blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple or greenish color. Sapphire is even colorless and may occur in shades of grey and black.

However, despite the various gemstones available, the demand for diamonds will never cease. Diamond rings are the most sought after when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. When embedded in traditional or in modern designs, it retains its luster and makes the ring unique and exceptional. Some of the ring styles in demand are trinity rings, cluster rings, sleeve rings, eternity rings, solitaire rings and even half round rings. Trendy rings available in a variety of colors and styles are in fashion this year; be it big or small. In fact, gifting a diamond ring to your loved one is considered as an expression of undying love.

Jewelry embedded with diamonds is considered even more precious than silver or gold. If teamed with platinum, which is known for its resistance to tarnish, it creates a masterpiece in jewelry. Diamond bracelets are in vogue due to the fact that they can be teamed up with both casual as well as formal clothing. These bracelets can be a part of your day to day dressing, as it radiance enhances ones beauty. They are being demanded by both the genders as jewelry is not confined to any particular gender now.

Jewels are often referred to as a sign of love and affection and are gifted to your dear ones. The term jewelry has originated from the word jewel or something precious. Jewelry is also known as a symbol of wealth and status. It can be worn anywhere on your body depending upon your own choice.