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Seeing a trained chef transform raw vegetables into impeccably chopped ingredients is like watching a wizard at work. But you don’t need a wand to master this magic—just a skilled instructor to show you how it’s done. Join Chef Mark Kalix for a one-hour live virtual experience where you’ll learn the secrets of prepping like a pro.

Because solid knife skills are essential to all types of cooking, this class is an ideal gift to home chefs and anyone who wants to make their kitchen time more efficient and enjoyable. Mark will teach you the basics of slicing and dicing with precision and introduce you to advanced cuts, like oblique, ribbon, and brunoise. He’ll demonstrate how to hold a knife properly, explain the uses of different types of knives, and teach you to handle your tools safely and care for them so they’ll stay sharp and last a lifetime. Bonus: This class comes with two recipes from Mark, so you’ll be able to use your beautifully prepped ingredients right away.

Bring your own chef’s knife or add our Authentic Thai Moon Knife to your purchase of this experience—its light, carbon steel blade makes quick work of even tough-skinned fruits and vegetables.
By the end of class, you’ll have a sharp new skill set that’ll let you fly through prep work like a culinary wiz and will only get better over time.

Experiences make great gifts! To gift this class, simply purchase the class for the date/time you think will work for your recipient. If that doesn’t work for the recipient, no worries! Send an email that includes your order confirmation number to [email protected] at least 48-hours prior and we’ll help get them moved into a scheduled class that works better for them. Please note: By default, order confirmations and event details are sent to the purchaser’s email. If you’d like the details sent directly to the recipient, email [email protected] with the recipient’s email address and your order confirmation number.

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